the NEW exotic flintknock pistol in fortnite is OVERPOWERED!
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  • creamy you missed a vendetta flopper

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  • The thumbnail is broken you should never do that to the map as lazar beam said one “the world is flat”

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  • All I see is u hitting every shot and my brother thinking u got aimbot

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  • Eeeeeee *forget there was an exotic* lol

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  • Man be child friendly did you say the fword

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    • 7:18

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  • 6:09 | B R U H X 69 | ( EDIT ) i like the time stamp

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  • It’s funny because I useually get 300 ping but he is use to like nothing

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  • This mans eyesight is insane

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  • At 4:11 look at the kills

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  • If tweaks and Creamy were 1v1ing who would win?? i couldn't decide.

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  • 0:37 that’s the most generous thing ever

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  • How????

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  • McCreamy just casually flexn' his aimbot skillz

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  • Yeas thts a larmar

  • he thinks 150 ping is bad but I beat up a season 3 player while I started in chapter 2 season 2 with 181 ping.

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  • Im from South Africa and play on 200 ping daily im so happy when i play on less

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  • I am not gonna be surprised when he gets banned because people reported him for aim boting

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  • It’s Was A Fun Tourney To Play But I Could Never Find The Exotic Flints

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  • exotic

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  • McCreamy: destroys literally half of the entire lobby Ninja: I've seen worse

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  • dis gamemode is like shockwave but completely different

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  • infinite ammo be like...

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  • The dreary body increasingly back because spot simulteneously terrify midst a defeated tornado. piquant, amuck freezer

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  • My guy calls 154 ping a lot I play with about 600 ping every day on america servers

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  • Ur a god

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  • imagine getting 2000 ping and people are getting 100 and freaking out. that would be sooooo crazy. doesn't happen to me at all. totally.

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  • Mcreame is now banned lmao

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  • If there’s a bush in Superfresh in Lida knockout then doesn’t that mean that laser beams a bush camper

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  • Now we need mccreamy icon skin

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  • My favourite part of this video is when Ninja rages. lol😂😂

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  • ur saying ur lag is bad on 100 I’m on American servers and my ping is at 1,100

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  • You are cheating boy, it's either you are really bad and can't hit any one from 2m, or you are switching to aimbot and hitting them every single time from 200m++++ with head shot

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  • i watched at ace

  • can u add me plz

  • At around 6:00 and 6:19 there were about 12-14 Bruhs

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  • at the end i can hear the music that i was listening to like 10 before i clicked on this video

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    • 10:18 thats where teh song is

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  • tweaks is doodoo

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  • In asia 100+ping is normal if you get 50 or lower your lucky

  • he was lagging so bad i thought my computer was lagging 🤣🤣

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