Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

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  • Hi my names Buffy and I do domestic abuse

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  • Im so disappointed.......... I didn't find this channel earlier 😐🍜

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  • Should I be concerned.....

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  • Dababy is on fire

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  • I clicked on and I thought he was the pacer test guy

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  • Lol

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  • Junior Corpse is that you?

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  • What’s the mod called?

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  • I'm gonna ask my girl to marry me by offering her Coal

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  • 0:57 "cause i wanna start a family so that I can uh, kill them" i know that's the purpose but i still laughed so hard

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  • What is that pack called I need it

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  • More vidos please

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  • 14:09 "I accidentally murder ONE baby and suddenly nobody wants to have kids with me." The struggle is real.

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  • You sound like techno blade and corpse mixed lol

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  • Can I have the link to the mod and the seed?

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  • Boffy suddenly become the new Bokuto but more fierce 12:26

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  • I made a playlist with all of boffys videos on it, if you want to binge watch all of his videos, go check it out.

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    • If anyone wants me to make playlists of other LTclubrs I may do so since I'm bored.

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  • You should be in the dream smp

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  • William afton in minecraft

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  • This is so messed up

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  • Boffy when he sees a peaceful animal: so you have chosen death?

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  • What is this pack/seed!!!

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  • Nice thumbnail😂😂

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  • Kinda wanna see him play Infamous Second Son since the evil route is kinda what he already does in Minecraft.

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  • Pls what game..🥺 pls comment mine😭

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  • Thats one epic voice if ive ever heard one

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  • I like how he does a montage of him slaughtering animals lmao

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  • Hardcore Carl the llama vibe rn

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  • This reminds me of someone

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  • His Minecraft wife: honey why is the baby on fire Him: no reason in particular

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  • stop

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  • I am a kid

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  • Him: “85 hearts. I think we need like 15 more.” Me being the dumb person I am: “IsNt ThAt 105?-“

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  • I wa

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  • How do you get this mod?

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  • What mod do you use???

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  • I just randomly found this man and he is absolutely hilarious

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  • What is Is that mode

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  • Me when heard boffy said , 👁️👄👁️

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  • I got Minecraft realms add on this video.

  • This is my first video of yours that I saw and I love it already I’m subscribeing

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  • Post a video of mods with sponge bob or elmo or kermit as mobs pls

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    • No

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  • The girls: Ash kisses better than you My name irl being Ash: um- I can explain? XD

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  • Hello best friend. I love when boffy kills animals. They just call you to kill them

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  • Number 7: take the whole family to school, then commit arson to the school while they are inside.

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  • What mod is this?

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  • child abuse report

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  • muito foda :0

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  • I was scrollung thru youtube while the vid plays until i heard "murder ny wife and kids" and THEN i got interested. Ima bad person.

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  • Imagine how funny it would be if he played ark survival evolved

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  • Boffy:i am the world worst father and i cant be more proud Me:same bro

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  • No bad werdes

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  • Look your skin then you asked why girl not loved me i am form bosnian i dont know speak englis so good pls no hate Your skin is so cool Its a joke

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  • I killed my family lol

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  • this video is kinnda marriering WIFU.S for babys

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  • Ahh I remember the good old days of LTclubrs playing this

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  • It's been 30 seconds into the video and I already love this.

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  • I want this mod- What is it?

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  • That was fun >:D

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  • So that’s the mod aphmau used in mine right Minecraft diaries

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  • i downloaded the same mod and surprise surprise the ladies were also talkin about ash but i found him and lead him to a cage in my underground house unharmed i would please like suggestions on what to do to this man.

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  • Please I literally beg you to make a part 2 just modded so then you can actually do it I will literally share it with everyone I know do ittttttt

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  • Alternative title: man brutally cooks a child and calls it fried chicken

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  • If there is no kids to start a gender reveal than there won’t be any wildfires

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  • Why you do you cover f. U. C. K and you don't cover s. H. I. T

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  • Minecraft- you can kill baby's fortnite -you can kill teenager's - which is better 😂

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  • You da best Boffy 👶👶🍼🍼

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  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Hi

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  • Serial killer plays Minecraft

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  • kill 10000 rabbit

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  • Hell no

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  • I think i just had a stroke after hearing the objectives

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  • He Muder he’s wife

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  • Lol

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  • You are so hilarious the way you just said like get your kids to marry each other and then like kill your wife and then have a second family as a secret from your first family that's hilarious you need to make another part to this where you murder your second family

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  • Russel: Miner My Brain: Change "I" with "O" and we got another case for the FBI.

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  • I love when he just kills with his axe

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  • Why you dont want to name your baby boy jack son or your girl amber

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  • Willam Afton is proud

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  • I wonder what his fbi agent sees when he searches

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  • I am addicted to this toxicity. I love it

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  • 😡 loh bunuh bayi. loh pembunuh kah. ajir pesikopat

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  • baby joby :,)

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  • Don't say those bad words

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  • Hey boffy I like your videos alot Can you please make rabbit farm videos then you have to try kill 10000× rabbits

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  • You re mind me of tecnobpad

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    • Godzilla read that and had a stroke and fucking dies

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    • You re mind me of tecnoblade boffy

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  • I'm nine

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  • So I can muder my children is that to much to ask?!?!?!-Boffy 2021😅

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  • is it bad that i spat out my drink at 26:15

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  • 12:01 this is what always happens to boffy irl (yikes)

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  • Hi Can i ask a question? If yes "Can i know the mod?" If no then nvm😅

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  • We should recommend this to GrayStillPlays

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