MERMAID in SCHOOL! Funny Mermaid Situations by La La Life musical

This mermaid has a deal with Ursula to get a pair of legs, so she could come to normal school with normal teens and her friend Lea. But what was the price! She has to find her true love and kiss him within 24 hours....
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00:00 Mermaid in school
00:48 She has to find the true love
01:52 Mermaids crush
2:20 Doughnuts
2:50 Mermaid in the toilet
3:58 Mermaid in the maths class
4:40 You're pretty
6:10 Mermaid in the Starbucks
7:45 Date at the pool
8:30 The song contest
9:40 Mermaids true love kiss
10:10 What to do now?
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