Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Fall of Dream

Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Fall of Dream!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of the Dream SMP. In this video I retell the New L’manburg Festival, Doomsday War and Disc Saga Finale. In this series I cover everything from the Disc Saga and L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Tommy’s Exile and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
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LordKanter (Guy who recreated the entire server): ltclub.info
My Second Channel: ltclub.info
Big thanks to my sister Kaiya, as well as Legacy, Dr Wiggles101, Misteyyy and Alf1es for helping get replay shots!!
Thanks to @Kanaya for the AMAZING song used at the beginning of the video!! (Welcome Home Theseus): ltclub.info/online/f6xplrqnn5ONsds/vaizdo-ra-as
Recap: (00:00)
Theseus: (00:55)
A New Plan: (02:07)
Hiding From Dream: (04:03)
The Festival: (09:17)
A Dark Turn: (13:18)
Preperation For War: (19:41)
Doomsday: (21:08)
It's All Over: (25:54)
Memories: (29:06)
The End Draws Near: (32:50)
The Disc Saga Finale: (36:54)
Free at Last: (51:08)
Credits: (52:52)




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    • @AnimzR I will give dislikes😂

  • 3:57 wait WHO THE HECK IS THAT

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  • I fucking hate dream now

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  • The bombing is even worst than the bombing of Japan in ww2 but members of the l'manburg did not surrender and continue fighting to keep l'manburg legacy forever in their lives. I respect them as well as Long live l'manburg and the founder Ghost wilbur

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  • Quality playing music 🎶

  • There's more drama on this server than in half of the Netflix shows

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  • Dude, like, i wanna cry to these events since it's emotional and all BUT I CAN'T FOR NO REASON I CAN'T EVEN SHED A LİTTLE TEAR- Then i read the comment's saying "i cried"

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  • I actually hate dream now and there’s no regrets… I don’t care what I’m called, he is the worst…

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  • The fact that this all scripted 😑

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  • Upload New Episode Fast

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  • dream is literally the joker of dream smp. wilbur was like the two face.. dream liking to toy with people. it was amazing

  • dream was good on the other hand... VERY VERY FKN BAD!!!

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  • Rangoo hacked into the server

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  • 31:50 it’s enough to make a grown man cry 😪

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  • I’m suppost to be doing my school work! But I’m watching this instead!!!!!

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  • This is. THIS IS WHOLESOME!!!!!!

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  • "ur welCOM" -ponk 2021

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  • You totally earn my sub, without this I would still be clueless about what’s going on in the smp! Thank you so much for taking so much time and putting a lot of effort into these videos so we all know what’s going on. I joined the fandom right during when lmanberg was blown up and I had no idea what was going on before they or even what lmanberg is but now I’m definitely informed because of you :)

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  • Evan is literally the most poetic person i’ve ever heard-

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  • tommyinnit and tubbo are the heros of the dream smp.dream is the villain

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  • This hurts even tho it's all role play

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  • Can anyone tell me an enderchest works on multiplayer...🙏

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    • Basically an enderchest is only available to the one person opening it, so if Tommy opens it he sees his own things, and if Tubbo opens it he sees his things

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  • This is all about a two simple freaking music disc

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  • What texture pack do you use?

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  • This is the easiest way to watch the dream smp. I tried to watch it but got lost several times because I am too ADHD to watch streams without getting bored. This series basically requires you to see everyone’s POV. I have to watch edited videos so I don’t get bored so I could only watch from Tommy’s POV, this is sooo helpful. Can’t wait for the next one!

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  • I’m siding with lamanburg

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    • And tommy too

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  • Tommy, the person who never quits in a war, a person that sticks with his friend, his nation, he forgives people so that they could live. He let dream live, but in a prison to make sure the souls of Wilbur will live =)

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  • Yes kill Dream>:)

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  • Get in the DREAM SMP and you rule anything Dram

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  • the sun began to rise... cold white snow engulfed the frigid ground... rays of light seeped through the trees as a cool morning breeze danced through the town square blok game

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  • Team of Tommy

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  • Pt.6 the egg

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  • Why DID YOU HAVE TO PLAY HIS THEME FROM UNDERTALE WAY TO MAKE ONE SOB 😭 As If I wasn’t sad enough and like bruh as soon as I heard it I got chills, I’ll never listen to this song the same now 😭😭😭

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  • things i have done today: -ate food -started binge watching the dream smp complete stories -cried over the dream smp -watched dream smp tiktoks -continued watching the complete story -cried over tubbo + tommy -gave ghostbur an imaginary hug -cried over l'manburg -been impressed over the quality of these documentaries -wondered why dream smp history is better than actual "irl" history -cried over l'manburg -screamed in joy when they came to save tommy + tubbo -finished bingewatching the series

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  • Dream and techno vs lmanburg dream and techno be like we gives you death

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  • Tu e doido

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  • I love how the Quackity keeps becoming inexplicably shirtless throughout the video

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  • What did you do for tommy to hate you

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  • Best movie ever

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  • 46:58 i am pretty sure that george was not there pwp...

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  • Punz: "Sorry Dream. But you should have paid me more." Me be like: one of the best entries in the entire world.

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  • The doubtful grease karunagappally memorise because writer congruently fetch down a frequent handle. mature, truculent united kingdom

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  • When they sung the anthem, they neglected to notice their singing was extremely bad...

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  • Why is this like an anime?

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  • Honestly, you should make a poem of this whole thing

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  • just suggesting, if u can, make an animation on the Minecraft Manhunt Series by Dream.

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  • Kings, Citizens, goverment officals, or ponk... XD

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  • Evan, Thank you for making this videos , you have a good voice for story telling and thank you guys for filling us with the videos , my siblings and me wanted to know of the dsmp storyline and you guys did it 😊

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  • Dream SMP after in 2025..... Dream: I just played politics in hell, took over the attachments of all the demons and dictated myself the supreme. Tommy: It was a rough day but finally I got exiled for the 69,420th time without having to loose any discs. Technoblade: What- I thought i had 50,000 Wither skulls but I have only 60,000?! Fine, L'manburg will have to adjust this time. Wilbursoot: Heaven! My unfinished Symphony, forever unfinished.....because.....It was never meant to be! Ranboo: I am 98% sure that I can't silk touch in real life, but I guess we should try it chat. Awesamedude: After 69 hours of non-stop working I have finally managed to build an inescapable prison for aliens. Meanwhile......... Friend: hmmm...... What should I write next in the script.

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  • Up next on dream SMP..... An alien Egg Corruption New Anarchism Suspicious Prisoner Someone's revival, which was never meant to be

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